Fox Chase works to upgrade its website

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By Stephen Thomas

 FOX CHASE - A technology upgrade has allowed the CIty of Fox Chase to revamp its official website.

The city council met with Phillip Price, a Hunters Hollow city commissioner and one of the website developers.

Price informed the council that both cities' website locations, as well as the city of Pioneer Village site, were hacked into.

The three sites were developed together, having similar features and templates. Price said he talked to the website hosts about re-creating each site.

"We used more modernized, higher security," Price said of the recent upgrades. "Each side will have different templates and headers, but they'll still have the same information on them."

A scrolling marquee was added to the Fox Chase site, allowing a location for announcements such as monthly council meetings. A contact page added an area where readers could submit questions for the council.

Price added that the site was now mobile-friendly, meaning it was more available to other technologies other than personal computers.

The council unanimously approved going live with the new site and upgrades.

In other business:

- Addressing residents' ongoing concerns about the city's Homeowners Association, city attorney Mark Edison said a property owner must file suit with the state for failure to comply with bi-laws for action to be made against the organization.

Council member Mike Higgins asked if the Homeowners Association still had authority if it held no actual meetings. Edison said they must file annually with the Secretary of State and make a payment.

Higgins inquired about the city government feasibly incorporating the association into its regulation, or creating a similar ordinance establishing the same rules and regulations.

"If the city adopted the same ordinance, it puts residents in the situation of who to go to, public or private," Edison said.

Mayor Bill Broughton asked if a resident would have to file requests with both the city and the Homeowners. Edison said yes unless one was dissolved.

Council member Lois Whitis asked if the association consisted of different rules and regulations if it were established prior to the city's founding.Edison said it didn't.

"The city has to have a consistent ordinance for all," he said. "The Homeowners Association doesn't."

- The city was able to sell off all of their existing tax liens.

Eight delinquent tax bills totaling more than $3,600 were purchased during the city's October council meeting. The bills ranged from 2011 through 2013.

Bernard "Bernie" Brown purchased the bills from the years 2012 and 2013, a total of $2,598. Elois Broughton purchased the 2011 bills at a total of $1,077.09.

- Broughton publicly thanked the 35 volunteers who participated in the north end's annual stream walk clean-up event.

The city participated in part by supplying hamburgers and hot dogs for volunteers. The council agreed to donate all leftover frozen meat to Little FLock Baptist Church for their food pantry.

- Council member David Selby, who works with the city's Block Watch program, reminded all citizens to remain vigilant in regards to break-ins.

"I talked with (Sheriff David) Greenwell and he said to report all incidents, no matter how small," Selby said.

He added that the Sheriffs Office would increase patrols along city streets.

- Broughton announced that the city's December business meeting would need to be changed due to a scheduling conflict with host Jewish Hospital Medical Center South.

The council agreed to reschedule the meeting for Thursday, Dec. 12.

- The next meeting of the Fox Chase City Council takes place Tuesday, Nov. 12, 7 p.m., at the Larry Belcher Community Room of Jewish Hospital Medical Center South. The public is invited to attend.