FROZEN NEGOTIATIONS: State impasse stymies decision on snow days, graduation

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By Thomas Barr

 SHEPHERDSVILLE - If parents across the Commonwealth were allowed to grade the papers of state legislators on the impasse over dealing with snow day relief, those marks may not be too good.

On Monday, legislators announced that any bill to provide relief due to snow days had died.

On Monday evening, members of the Bullitt County Public School Board were at a loss.

At this stage, the problems are many and the answers are slim.

One host parent to a foreign exchange student inquired whether graduation dates had been determined.

With over a dozen exchange students in the district, many parents will try to fly in for the graduation ceremonies.

Superintendent Keith Davis said as of Monday evening, the final day for students would be June 10.

Various options to make up the missed days have been prepared. However, without the permission of the state or legislative help, none of those options exist.

While some districts can go ahead and just add minutes to the school day, Bullitt County is not in that position.

Davis said the county’s schedule is an alternative calendar.

Board member Darrell Coleman said there is a lot riding on the graduation date decision.

“We’re going to have to do something,” said Coleman, who pointed to concerns ranging from relatives making plans to ordering invitations.

He felt confident that the legislators would come up with a solution.

If that occurs, Davis said a special meeting would be set up to decide the route the board wants to take.

Jefferson County set its graduation dates on Monday.

That district will complete classes on June 12 with commencement exercises on June 12-14.

This affects Bullitt County because all three high schools have graduated on the same Saturday in Broadbent Arena in recent years.

With Jefferson County having the first option on Broadbent, it is not known if that facility would be available.

Davis said Greg Schultz, assistant superintendent of student learning, is in charge of locating a venue.

If a site is not available, graduation ceremonies could return to the school gymnasiums.

Issues with graduating in school gyms include limited seating, limited parking and climate control.