Full story on road projects

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 Phase 3 Construction is beginning! Apparently there is some misinformation about the roadwork that will be starting soon and how the funding was secured.

Let me help clear this up for you. Serving as your State Representative I Linda Belcher wrote a Bullitt County Road Plan Proposal while I served you in Frankfort. I put the road requests in priority order hoping we would get “SOME” of them included in the 6 year Road Plan – where projects are funded. 

Imagine my surprise and excitement when ALL of the Bullitt County Road Plan Proposal, I had presented, was ACCEPTED! Not only accepted but FUNDED! 

It takes a while to purchase right of ways, move utilities and finally start the construction. Now we will begin to see the results of that proposal - $90 million dollars for Bullitt County Roads.

Thanks to Rep. Sannie Overly, Rep. Leslie Combs, Speaker Greg Stumbo, and Governor Brashear for their support.

Locally Mayor Joetta Calhoun, Keith Davis and Matt Bullock offered suggestion - so a big thank you to them for taking time to give input when others would not. 

To date this is the largest amount of money awarded to us for roads. Of course we need to watch and see if any additional money is given to our county in the 2014 budget. (We must also hope that the money I secured stays in the budget for us) But until then we can watch the road construction here at home!

If someone tells you something different about how we got the funding for the roads please call Representative Sannie Overly in Frankfort (502-564-8100) and ask who was responsible for obtaining $90 million dollars for Bullitt County Roads during the 2011-2012 sessions.

Linda Belcher