Gauthier prepares for international beauty pageant in Atlanta in August

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Ashlie Gauthier describes herself as a girly-girl who loves to dress up and be onstage.

“I love to make the audience smile,” Gauthier said.

The 13-year-old Mount Washington Middle School student recently used her love of dressing up and being onstage at a Sunburst Beauty Pageant in Nashville, Tenn.

Being that this was one of Gauthier’s first pageants she was nervous, but excited.

“I’d been looking forward to it for a long time,” she said.

Gauthier, who is the daughter of Robert and Teresa Gauthier, was crowned queen for the state of Kentucky in the pre-teen division and was also awarded Best Personality.

“I was shocked and excited,” she said.

Gauthier’s achievements earned her a spot in the International Sunburst Beauty Pageant in Atlanta from Aug. 1-4.

After watching pageants on television, Gauthier said they looked fun to her and she wanted to participate in one.

Gauthier went to Teresa about a year ago wanting to compete in a pageant.

Teresa said she saw an ad for Sunburst pageants at the mall and because they were local, she allowed Ashlie to try it.

“I’m not really crazy about the whole pageant thing,” Teresa said. “I was worried for her.”

In December 2012, Teresa said Ashlie won queen at a preliminary pageant, which qualified her for state.

The international competition will have the same four categories as the state competition: swimsuit, modeling, interview and beauty.

Beauty was the hardest for Gauthier during the state pageant, she said, because of the shoes she had to wear.

“I’m not good at walking anyways,” she said.

After the international competition, Gauthier said she wants to participate in more pageants or modeling.

Teresa said because Ashlie is a state queen, she will be making appearances with Sunburst to give awards at preliminary competitions and state fairs.

Gauthier said there are lots of girls in her division at the international pageant and hopes to place in the top 10.

“It would be great to get that far,” she said.

Teresa said she hopes her daughter is proud of what she’s accomplished.

“No matter win or lose, it doesn’t define who she is,” Teresa said. “She’s still beautiful inside and out.”