Geek Squad helps bring prescription plan to reality

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By Stephen Thomas

HILLVIEW – For months Hillview Mayor Jim Eadens expressed his approval of the Kentucky Transitional Assistance Program (KTAP), which assists local residents with acquiring necessary medication.

The program, originally presented by Gov. Steve Beshear’s office, allows trained volunteers to assist communities and uninsured families with prescriptions and medication information.

Two Hillview city employees immediately volunteered to accept KTAP training. Now the city is receiving further assistance from a local business.

The Geek Squad donated four brand new laptop computers to Hillview’s KTAP program.

Geek Squad City ambassador Randy Ratliff personally presented Eadens and the Hillview City Council with the new computers, three Compaq brand and one Gateway.

Christopher Workman, MASW, with the Kentucky Department for Public Health, mentioned that the KTAP Program was a Web-based program with plenty of available information online, making the laptops a crucial tool.

Eadens said the computers would be useful for training local KTAP volunteers, who will in turn use the computers to assist local program participants.

“We want to get the right folks in here,” said Eadens. “The Geek Squad was gracious to donate (the computers). They’re willing to step up and help out.”

Workman said KTAP has established as many as 65 localized programs throughout the state, with close to 100 counties being served. He said the programs could assist the 600,000 uninsured Kentucky residents along with those whose insurance included minimal benefits or no prescription coverage.

“There’s a need out there,” he said.

The Hillview KTAP program is Bullitt County’s first. Eadens said the local program would assist all northern Bullitt residents including the five northern cities. He added that Fox Chase mayor Alice White was among the first volunteers.

The local KTAP program features 4,500 available medications, mostly name brands or lower-cost generic brands. Volunteers help local participants determine eligibility requirements.

“When the volunteer base program is developed we’ll begin, probably in the fall,” Eadens said.

The Hillview-based KTAP program is still looking for volunteers. Workman said volunteers could include college students, retirees or members of faith-based groups.

“Anyone who’s interested,” he said.

Eadens said Hillview was working on creating a new voice mailbox, in which potential clients could leave information and have their calls returned by volunteers to schedule appointments.

“We want to try to do this right,” said Eadens, “We don’t want this to be a bad experience for anyone.”

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact the city of Hillview, 957-5280.

For more information on the KTAP program go to chfs.ky.gov/dcbs/dfs/ktap.htm or call (502) 564-7050.