Gentle yoga class can help work on various types of illnesses, ailments

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 HILLVIEW – It is not a miracle cure for all that ails you.

     But, Dr. Deepa Arla believes that yoga can be a source of healing for the mind and body.

     With the assistance of Arla and Associates, gentle yoga classes will be held each Monday evening at 6:15 p.m. The class will be held at the physician’s office at 1553 Highway 44 East near Bullitt Central High School.

     Logan Dunbar will be the instructor.

     “It’s not a cure but it is a way to help with medical issues from head to toe,” said Arla.

     Having taken yoga classes for the past couple of years, Arla said it is a way to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and many other medical conditions.

     With several of her patients seeking out such classes, Arla said she realized that such programs were lacking in Bullitt County.

     With the assistance of her family’s medical practice and Color Your Mind, classes are offered at a minimal cost of $5 per week.

     The first class is always free. The next class is set for Monday, Sept. 9.

     “We wanted something that would be accessible and affordable,” said Arla, who added normal classes would carry a much higher fee.

     The idea is that relaxation and meditation slows down the body and has a way to solving problems, said Dr. Mohana Arla.

     He said yoga has been practiced for many, many years and many cultures have adopted it as a way to improve the health of its people.

     The brain controls so many issues. Mohana Arla said the yoga relaxes the brain and this works to help other medical conditions.

     “I believe in it,” said Deepa Arla. “I’ve seen changes in me.”

     She said weekly attendance is not mandatory. However, she said regular attendance and doing the yoga exercises at home would help improve the overall health of the person.

     “When people are ready, they will come,” she said.

     The first class is always free and she said yoga is not for everyone. However, there are ways to pattern the various yoga exercises to deal with individual health issues.

     It is not physical fitness, she added. It is a matter of helping the mind and the body.

     “This is a way to deal with life’s challenges,” she added.

     For more information, call her at 957-1067.