Give thanks on Monday

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 Maybe it is only fitting that just prior to Memorial Day, one of the county’s most visible fighters for the veterans passed away.

Joe Milliner, himself a prisoner of war, never gave up the fight to find his son, who has been missing in action since the early 1970s while in combat in Vietnam.

Anyone who would listen - and even a few government officials who wouldn’t, knew that Milliner would never stop in his pursuit to locate his son and any other American listed as missing in action.

As Memorial Day approaches, it is that time of year where we can take a moment and appreciate what our military personnel has done for this country.

Whether in combat or in peace time, all veterans should be remembered for the significant role they have played to keep this country free.

We have celebrations surrounding the Memorial Day weekend but this remembrance given to the veterans should be done every day of the year.

The freedoms that we enjoy are due to the blood, sweat and lives given by our veterans.

And we commend the efforts of those, such as Joe Milliner, in making sure that we never forget those who have served this country so proud.