Go out and visit Shepherdsville’s first City Fair

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 For years, the city of Shepherdsville had a festival to culminate the summer.

The Olde Tyme Homecoming was something which filled the streets of downtown Shepherdsville.

That festival ended over a decade ago. While other events have been sporadically held, there has not been a major event.

That is, until the Shepherdsville City Fair kicks off this Friday through Sunday.

Thanks to Tony Thompson and a group of dedicated volunteers, the city fair will combine some history with the crafts and entertainment and some horsing around to fill a schedule with three days of fun.

A large part of the City Park celebration will be centered around the Civil War and re-enactments, which have been held on a regular basis in Shepherdsville.

With this as the centerpiece, other activities have been added to make it something for the entire family.

Partners such as Knob Creek Gun Range, Jim Beam Brands and the Bluegrass Saddle Club make this a unique collection of fun activities.

Every community needs something to call its own. To show off its identity.

We applaud the efforts of mayor Scott Ellis, the council and city employees, as well as Thompson and his group of volunteers for making this possible.

All that is left is for the entire community to make a point to take some time this weekend to visit the Shepherdsville First Street Park. It should be a great experience. And we hope it is one which will return year after year.