Goal of class is to stop Adventures in Babysitting

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By Stephen Thomas

SHEPHERDSVILLE - They sat at Bullitt Lick Middle School to learn how to sit better.


Thirty local girls, age 11-13, participated in two Safe Sitter educational programs, a one-day event designed to share safe and nurturing child care techniques, behavior management skills and responses to emergency situations.

The program was hosted by Bullitt County Health Department educator Liz McGuire and Bullitt Lick Youth Services Center coordinator Tara Davis.

Topics includes choking child/infant rescue (with practice dummies), preventing problematic behavior, injury management/contacts and safety issues during emergencies such as natural disasters.

"We teach them about a safety signal," McGuire said. "A safety signal is usually a word they share with their parents as a signal. If they call the parents and give the safety signal, the parents go get them immediately."

The programs have been offered over the past seven years, with more being planned. McGuire said a new program would take place in August or September.

Safe Sitter is designed for a group of 16 participants, with both boys and girls welcome. The cost is $25. For information call the Health Department, 955-5355.

For more information on the Safe Sitter program, visit safesitter.org.