Good Samaritan returns lost money to Brooks woman

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Memorial Day weekend was supposed to be just another weekend for Brooks residents Desirae Charlet and her mom, Cindy P’Pool.

However, when the two went out to yard sales on Saturday, May 25, they experienced a mishap they never had before.

Before going out, Charlet and P’Pool stopped at First Federal in Shepherdsville to get money from the ATM, Charlet said.

After withdrawing her cash, Charlet said she put some of it in her pocket to use at the yard sales and $80 in her wallet to use for church offering.

The two went on to several yard sales and then stopped at Denny’s to eat and when Charlet got her wallet to pay with her debit card, she noticed it was unzipped.

Charlet said she went back outside to see if the money had fallen out in the floorboard of the car, but it hadn’t, and no one at Denny’s had seen it either.

“I didn’t know what I was going to do,” she said.

Charlet said she was pretty upset to have lost the money and didn’t think she would get it back.

When she realized her daughter had lost the money, P’Pool said she was sad for her.

“I could just see the look on her face,” she said. “It was drained.”

Then, on Monday, June 3, Charlet received a call from First Federal and was asked if she had been at Denny’s recently.

At first, Charlet said she thought the call was about her debit card being hacked, as it had been several months prior.

The bank then asked if she had lost anything recently and Charlet said she told them about the $80 she lost.

What the bank told her next, Charlet said, caught her by surprise; an unknown individual had found the $80 and returned it to the bank.

“I was ecstatic,” she said.

A Target receipt and the receipt from the cash withdrawal had also fallen out of Charlet’s wallet, and she said the bank was able to return the money to her by tracking the last 4 digits of her debit card that were on the Target receipt.

When she went to the bank to pick up her money, Charlet said employees at the bank were excited because having lost money returned rarely happens.

P’Pool said she was so excited when she found out the money had been returned, she could have cried.

“You don’t think about people doing that,” she said.

Even though the amount of money was just $80, it meant a lot to Charlet to have it returned, she said, because she only has one income.

“It was a complete lifesaver,” she said.