Good to see people want to be involved

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Our Views

  What a great sight to see a room full of residents at the recent meeting of the Fox Chase City Council.

It is wonderful to see residents who are involved with their community.

Of course, what normally happens when a large crowd appears is there is a particular issue or concern they wish to address.

In the case of Fox Chase residents, it was the council’s recent decision to install speed humps - not to be confused with big brother, the speed bump -to curb speeding.

It didn’t take long for the council to rethink their views. With a big crowd in attendance, councilmembers took the option of having Pioneer Village police run some radar patrol in the city.

After that was settled, until the next meeting when the residents who get speeding tickets show up to complain, the topic centered on not voting on things until the residents have a chance to voice their opinion.

Great idea but government doesn’t work that way. Stay informed and regularly attend meetings.