Goodall a fine man

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 I had the honor of doing the funeral service for Matthew Goodall a Schoppenhorst-Underwood-Brooks Funeral Home.

Matthew was only 38 years old. He had been battling cancer for about two years.

He liked football and he was the Chairman of the Shepherdsville Titans. He had a great love for family, children and he was a friend to many. He was honest and he treated others the way he would want to be treated. His strong determination to live should be an example to all who knew him.

There was an estimated 325 in attendance and over 200 people attending were under the age of 17.

These young people exemplified extraordinary conduct during the funeral service. Many of them walked to the cemetery in front of the funeral procession and several came to the church for a meal. They showed respect and their love for a man that had influenced their lives by his love, support, and knowledge of football.

Thanks also to the coaches and sponsors of the football teams and the cheerleaders. You should be proud of these young people.

To everyone, I urge you to love, support, and encourage all young people. Help them to become the people that God would have them to be. They are the generation of tomorrow and they can make a positive influence in our world. 

Thanks to Matthew Goodall who was a good friend.

Bro. Carl M. Thomas, Pastor

Immanuel Baptist Church