Grants will allow expansion of water

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By The Staff

SHEPHERDSVILLE - Since the merger of a local water district and a major utility, Bullitt Countians have benefited from over $7.7 million in grants for extension projects.

The latest is a $1 million grant from the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority that would allow 12 projects to serve nearly 120 new customers.

Lynn Spencer, Bullitt County project manager for the Louisville Water Co., said the KIA grant for the extension work estimated to cost $2.3 million has been approved.

Bullitt Fiscal Court approved county judge Melanie Roberts to sign any needed documents.

The grants were for”

*Barrallton Hill Road, project cost of $134,383, eight customers

*Weavers Run Road, booster pump, $321,269, no additional customers

*Fisher Road, $191,250, 14 potential customers

*Samuels Court, $21,000, two customers

*Skyview Road, $396,000, 21 customers

*Ridgeview Drive, $270,000, 11 customers

*Happy Hollow Road, $564,000, 34 customers

*Samuels Lane, $100,000, eight customers

*West Martin Place, $68,000, five customers

*Skyview Court, $64,000, eight customers

*Cromwell Lane, $263,990, five customers

Engineer Jim Grunow, who has served as the past Bullitt County project manager, said tap fees could be affected by the grant process.

Under the extension program, the maximum tap fee has been $5,450 per customer, no matter the cost of the work.

However, to get more people to actually sign up once the project is complete, there will apparently be an incentive. The reduced tap fee would be approved for one year after service is ready, at which time it would return to the normal fee.

In some cases, Grunow said the grant would pay the entire tap fee.

There were are governmental assistance for those who simply can’t pay.

Grunow said LWC also offers the opportunity to spread the tap-on costs over a 20-year period. If paying the maximum $5,450, it would equate to just over $45 per month added to the normal water bill over 20 years.

He said the tap-on incentive would be proposed to the Bullitt County advisory council for future grant projects.

It was in September 2000 that Louisville Water Co. merged with the Kentucky Turnpike Water District. An advisory council still meets quarterly with LWC officials to provide guidance on extension projects in the county.

LWC also took over the Shepherdsville water company and supplies water to Mount Washington and Lebanon Junction.