Guthrie talks about events that happen daily in Capitol

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By Stephen Thomas

 SHEPHERDSVILLE - A full room listened as US Rep. Brett Guthrie presented a public Town Hall Meeting Wednesday night at the Shepherdsville Government Center.


Shepherdsville mayor Scott Ellis greeted and introduced Guthrie, who answered audience questions and discussed government topics for an hour and 45 minutes.

Guthrie discussed social security and Medicare, as well as House budget proposals. Other discussions involved health insurance, immigration, Obamacare, Saturday mail delivery and ethanol increases in fuel.

“I have many friends in Washington, and when they come to visit I bring them to Zappo’s and Jim Beam,” Guthrie said.

The representative also noted that Shepherdsville and Paroquet Springs Conference Centre was the location of former First Lady Laura Bush’s last major public appearance.

Many early questions for Guthrie involved budgeting for social security. He admitted that at its current rate his own children would receive much less.

“Average social security now is $14,000.” he said. “My kids will get less than $10,000.”

Guthrie mentioned the House budget, also known as the Ryan Budget, that he believed would help sustain the program. According to Guthrie, no one currently over age 55 would be affected by the Ryan Budget’s proposed changes.

“If you’re over 55 our plan does not change your Medicare,” he said.

Regarding immigration, Guthrie said the House proposed a step-by-step approach to border security.

“We need to get the enforcement side in order,” he said. “We need good laws for that. People are coming here not just to work.”

Local postal workers requested Guthrie’s vote on HR130, wanting him to oppose the elimination of Saturday postal delivery. He said government officials were determining financial stability to maintain the Saturday.

With concerns raised about ethanol increases in fuels, Guthrie said a proposal for E-15 grade (containing 15 percent ethanol) would be difficult because the volume of cars that use it and available corn for it were both unlikely.

Bullitt County Judge/Executive Melanie Roberts congratulated Guthrie for his time with local officials and the community. She thanked him for discussing the many concerns in the room.

“Thank you also for speaking in sich a simplistic manner that we can all understand,” Roberts said.

Guthrie and staff members were available during the event for further questions and information.

Anyone wishing to address an issue or question may contact Guthrie’s district office, (270)842-9896, or his Washington office, (202)225-3501, or go to www.guthrie.house.gov.