Happy ending

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 I?d like to share with your readers a “news” story that actually has a happy ending. My hope is that others will follow suit if they’re in the same situation. Our beloved “Bear,” a chow-mix dog, was last seen in the neighborhood on a recent Wednesday night. So when she didn?t show up for a day or two, we all started to get really nervous. I can honestly say I felt like my ?kid? was lost, wandering the road, or worse.

A friend of mine called the following Wednesday (7 days later!), and said there was a lost and found ad in The Pioneer News, and the description resembled Bear. I immediately called the number and talked to a very nice lady, Ms. Teresa Clark. She and her daughter, Kayla, had stopped to check on a dog wandering on Highway 31E near the Nelson-Spencer line. They look it home to hopefully find the owner, and she was thrilled to get my call.

It was a very emotional reunion, and I can’t describe the relief and joy brought by Ms. Clark?s effort. She found Bear approximately 14 miles from home. We can only speculate that the July 4th fireworks caused her to wander so far, but nevertheless, she’s back home.

A very heartfelt thanks to Teresa and Kayla for taking Bear into their home, and going to the trouble of posting an ad. Also, thanks to the newspaper for posting such ads for free. I encourage your readers to take advantage of that service because lost and found ads really do work!

Larry D. Williams