Hasting wants to bring expertise

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Election 2010

By The Staff

SHEPHERDSVILLE - Tim Hasting has been intrigued with the role of coroner for several years.

After completing mortuary school, Hasting has served the past five years with Hardy-Close Funeral Home in Shepherdsville.

With the interest in the job, Hasting has decided to run for his first elected office to become the next coroner of Bullitt County.

He remembers talking with Mark Schmid during a career day event and that discussion never left him.

He was a nurse but found himself becoming attached to cancer patients. Hasting said that it was time to look at entering mortuary school.

In running for coroner, Hasting said there is much more to the job than simply pronouncing someone dead.

“I like the investigation part of it,” said Hasting, who also worked for STAT Flight prior to going to nursing school.

Instead of relying upon his deputies to make the runs, Hasting said he would be on call to make as many of the calls as possible.

Hasting said that when he talks with the voters, he would explain how important his medical experience should be for the job.

Also, the native of Bullitt County said that he has a lot of practical medical experience.

‘I have the recent experience to serve the county,” said Hasting, 35.

He said he would ensure the coroner and his deputies continue to receive educational training to best serve the public.

“It’s time for someone new,” said the Democrat.