Hebron Estates close to approving sales

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By The Staff

HEBRON ESTATES - Residents tired or even scared of people coming to their front door may have a solution in one northern Bullitt County city.

The Hebron Estates City Commission could vote on Tuesday evening to enact an ordinance which regulates door-to-door solicitation in its community.

Hebron Estates, which has become one of several in northern Bullitt County to begin discussions, could impose penalties on those groups which don’t comply.

Under the ordinance, which has already had a first reading and could be voted upon at the Dec. 1 meeting, anyone soliciting anything in the city must have proper registration through the city clerk.

And unless a homeowner has a card allowing solicitation, no one would be allowed to knock on the front door.

Also part of the registration process is the application would include a variety of information to be collected. Everyone who is part of a solicitation group must fill out application information.

Anyone who has been convicted as a felon cannot receive permission to solicit for five years.

The mayor has the right to revoke the certification for any violation.

City attorney Mark Edison, who is working on similar ordinances in Hillview and Fox Chase, said that it is up to the solicitors to get the proper certification prior to soliciting.

Exceptions would be non-profit groups, such as schools, the fire department in its quest for Crusade for Children funds and government officials, including  candidates running for election.

Penalties could run up to a $500 fine.

Although non-profit groups are not required to go through the certification process, they are required to contact the city clerk.

In other business:

*Hebron Estates officials supported a petition being circulated to get a stoplight at the  new entrance of Meadowbrook Subdivision and Shepherds Way.

Pioneer Village mayor Gary Hatcher said the entire stretch of Preston Highway would be affected by the construction. He felt without a stoplight, a very serious problem could arise.

*A question surfaced over the selling of trucks in the front yard.

Edison said sells can’t be done in a residential area unless it is the person’s own vehicle. He would write a letter to the property owner.

*Mayor Jerry Clark said the traffic situation leaving North Bullitt High has improved.

He credited principal Tracey Lamb with helping to make some traffic flow improvements.

*The commission voted to have Edison file suit against a property owner of a vacant commercial lot on Willow Way.

If the property is not cleaned up, Edison was directed to file legal action.

The next meeting of the Hebron Estates City Commission will be at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 1, at the community center on Burkland Boulevard. The public is invited to attend.