Hebron Estates looks to ‘lighten’ expenses

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By Stephen Thomas

  HEBRON ESTATES - Council members had a bright idea to cut costs in Hebron Estates.

Mayor Jerry Clark told council members during the March business meeting that Louisville Gas and Electric was increasing prices on each city street light.

Clark said prices increased with each bulb replacement due to increased wattage.

“With the increase we’ll be spending about a third of our budget on street lights,” he said.

According to Clark, there are as many as 22 lights which could be eliminated without causing sight issues along city streets.

“There are at least six of them at North Bullitt High School, that’s a lot,” he said.

The council discussed other ideas, including increasing the distance between lights and maintaining lights at all intersections.

Council member Russell Forshee mentioned that all lights would likely need to be moved or removed at some point.

Clark said a light could be placed at every third utility pole, rather than at every other pole.

The discussion took place in lieu of the city’s upcoming budget meeting. City attorney Mark Edison reminded the council to consider LG&E increases while establishing the new budget.

In other business:

*Edison informed the council of potential litigation by the Bullitt County Attorney’s office in reference to a proposed countywide smoking ban introduced by the Bullitt County Health Department.

According to Edison, the ban was not legally recognized. If passed, the county would pursue legal action.

Edison said the county attorney’s office was seeking the opinion of each Bullitt County city.

The council agreed that they were not in favor of the proposed ban at this juncture.

“The Health Department can’t enforce it,” said Clark. “I just don’t feel like the Heralth Department has that right. The county and the cities do.”

*The regularly scheduled April Hebron Estates City Council meeting was postponed due to Spring Break.

The next business meeting will take place Tuesday, May 3, 7 p.m., at the city building on Burkland Blvd.

A special budget meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, Apr. 12, 6 p.m., at the city building.

The public is invited to attend each meeting.