Hebron Estates proceeds to annexation property

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By Stephen Thomas

 HEBRON ESTATES - A recent annexation proposal, combined with neighborhood rumors, led to a lengthy discussion during the Hebron Estates February business meeting.

In January the council voted to annex about five acres of property, part of the Bailey family farm, along Cedar Creek at the city’s east end behind Scenic Trail.

Mayor Jerry Clark said the city wanted to clean up its boundary lines in the area.

Some property owners adjoining the annexed property expressed their concerns over the property in question.

Resident Patty Grider originally thought the property being annexed was located on the other side of the creek. She believed that the farm’s owner, Ken Bailey, did not own the property on side being annexed.

Grider felt Bailey was pursuing a parcel of land that would allow road access to the farm property, citing a previous claim by Bailey that a road once existed in the area.

“I’ve lived for 67 years there and there was never a road,” she said. “He wants a right-of-way to get in. He’s land-locked.”

Grider’s primary concern was the rumor that Bailey was pursuing placing a gun range on the property.

“We have a Girl Scout camp back there,” she added. “We don’t need it there.”

“Personally I don’t want a gun range next door,” said Clark, who had also heard rumors.

Clark originally assumed that Scenic Trail residents owned property up to the creek. Further investigation showed Bailey owned part of that land.

The mayor added that Bailey also owned a 49-foot easement located between two Scenic Trail properties.

When the city realized they didn’t own all of the property in question, the push for the annexation was made to clear up the confusion.

City attorney Mark Edison reminded that the property could not be officially annexed without a survey of the land in question.

“You would basically have to survey the entire area,” he said. “It’s tough to do because of the property’s layout.”

The council approved hiring Armstrong Engineering to survey the property at a cost of $4,000.

In other business:

*The council approved two roadwork project contracts with RLH Rentals, LLC.

An eroding, washed-out ditch will be replaced at the 3100 bock of E. Hebron Lane at an estimated cost of $4460.46.

Repairs will also be made near the intersection of Hebron Lane and Waterfall Court, estimated at $4,185.46.

*Auditor Art Henson credited the city with properly maintaining finances.

Henson said the city experienced a $110,000 revenue increase over the previous two years.

Much of the increase was due to insurance tax revenue, along with a state-mandated telecommunications tax.

“The council did good at keeping (finances) in line,” said Henson. “The city is in a good financial position.”

The next meeting of the Hebron Estates City Commission takes place Tuesday, March 6, 7 p.m., at the city community center. 

The public is invited to attend.