High schools continue to seek higher test scores

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By Stephen Thomas and Alex Wimsatt

 SHEPHERDSVILLE - Students at one high school will have a new skipper at the helm.


But all three high school administrators will be looking for ways to continue the slow, steady progress in the area of test scores.



Technology continues to progress at Bullitt Central and principal Christy Coulter embraces it.

Coulter announced that students may follow her Twitter account for continuous school news and updates. She also reminded parents and students to check the BC website for important school information.

Parents were also encouraged to register online for enews updates via email through the BCPS website.

The good comes with the bad, leading the BC Site-Based Decision Making Council to approve policy changes regarding student cell phone use during school.

A students violating the policy will lose their electronic device until the end of the following school day.

A second violation includes the same result, though requiring a parent or guardian to retrieve the device and meet with an administrator.

A third offense will lead to confiscation until the end of the school year.

Coulter urged parents to help by calling the school office, 869-6000, to contact their children.

Attendance was another major issue Coulter and the SBDM council will address this year.

Students with 10 unexcused absences will not be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies nor Project Graduation. Other penalties include loss of parking permits and no admittance to proms.

“Attendance will be a big focus this year,” said Coulter. “Coming to school and giving an honest effort increases success.”

Another focus at Bullitt Central is having each student earn a state career certificate or an acceptable college readiness score.

“All of our students are scheduled in English and math classes based on their test scores,” said Coulter. “We want to get the kids at the right levels, then find the gaps to assist them.”

Students will participate in a six-period school day rather than five. Coulter said school day start and end times would remain the same.

The biggest faculty change will be a number of new instructors in the Science department, including a new Chemistry teacher.

BC Freshmen students are invited to attend the Pride Academy orientation cookout Tuesday, Aug. 2, at 4:30 p.m. A parents meeting will follow at 6 p.m.

A school neon dance is scheduled for Friday, Aug. 19, at 8 p.m. The first home football game will be played Friday, Aug. 26, at 7:30 p.m.





When the bell ushers in the new school year at BE, principal Debby Atherton said administrators and staff will be ready to help students reach their full potential. 

To improve academic results, Atherton said BE will continue programs focused on students who need additional assistance. 

Struggling students will participate in math labs in the opposite semester of their Math course so they will receive math year-round. Students will be placed based on MAP scores. 

To help prepare seniors for life after high school, they will take a fourth year of math. Additionally, students with ACT scores below 22 will be scheduled into special transitional math classes aimed at preparing for college.  

Atherton said the school would again offer its Xblox program for improved reading skills. The program will be slightly altered from last year. 

According to Atherton, BE will increase its focus on raising ACT scores in all core content areas.  

“Our school improvement plan will continue to focus on academic rigor,” she said.

As far as staff changes, BE students won’t see many. Former assistant principal Shawn Wilson took an administrative position with Jefferson County Public Schools and will be replaced during the school year. 

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Following years of construction, the North Bullitt facility is completed.

However, the main face of the school has changed for the upcoming year.

Principal Jeffrey Marshall takes over, coming to North Bullitt from his previous assistant principal position at Fern Creek High School in Louisville.

Joining Marshall as new faculty members are counselor Rachel Oldfield-Frey, along with Special Education instructor Ronnie Bryson and math teacher Cindy Zehnder.

North Bullitt will switch to a trimester school schedule this year. Each five-period semester will last 12 weeks.

The school will increase its available advanced classes, including AP World Civilization and US History courses, along with an English lab.

Food instructional courses were also implemented, including Sweets and Treats and an International Food class.

North Bullitt will continue to host its Freshman Academy for new incoming students. A Freshman orientation is scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 3, for students at 4:30-6:30 p.m and for parents at 6:30-7:30 p.m.





What for a year has been called Riverview High School is now known as the Riverview Opportunity Center. If you ask principal Doug Roberts, he’ll tell you it’s just that - a center of opportunity. 

Beginning this year, Riverview will encompass the year-old Bullitt Advanced Math and Science program and the new Career Readiness Center. 

These programs aim to prepare career and college-bound students, offering an opportunity to supplement their high school experiences with additional instruction and a head start on life after post-secondary education. 

CRC is intended for a selected number of students focused on specific career paths. In addition to completing high school course work online through the opportunity center, students will receive specialized vocational instruction from the Bullitt County Area Technology Center. 

Roberts said students will be charged with earning required high school credits for diplomas along with meeting career or industry certificate standards. 

“What I don’t want people to think is that this is for kids that aren’t going to college,” Roberts said. “This is for students to really have an advantage…to meet college readiness and career readiness. This will allow the opportunity for students to achieve both.”

Roberts said CRC was developed last year in accordance with state and national standards requiring students to be deemed college or career ready before receiving their diplomas. 


As CRC kicks off, the BAMS program will begin its second year fostering exceptional high school students with an opportunity to earn college credit hours in addition to their high school diplomas.  

The mission of the program is to provide instruction that requires thinking and analysis. The program connects new learning with previous knowledge while creating a learning environment that goes beyond curriculum, allowing individual exploration and growth. 

Roberts said twenty-five new students will be enrolled in the program this year. A second teacher will be added for the academic year.

High school students who attended the former Riverview High last year will be enrolled at their respective high schools: North Bullitt, Bullitt Central and Bullitt East. However, they will still have an opportunity to take courses online and receive instruction from the technology center. 




Principal Brady Southwood expects a full house this school year with 60 freshmen and sophomores enrolled in the Riverview Opportunity Center receiving Tech Center instruction. 

Beginning this year, the Tech Center will be coordinating with the Riverview Opportunity Center’s Career Readiness Center to provide students with instruction that will prepare them for college or careers. 

With new legislation from Frankfort encouraging better training for career and college-bound high schoolers, Southwood said the Tech Center will be making a major push for students to receive national certification in vocational studies. 

 Tech Center students study five core areas, including automotive, carpentry, graphic technology, health science and welding.

This year students enrolled in these programs will be highly encouraged to receive national certification so they can have an edge in the competitive job market and receive the training required by many employers.

For more information on the Bullitt County Area Technology Center call 543-7018.