Hillview asking residents to flip lock buttons

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By Thomas Barr

 HILLVIEW - You may have heard people talk about flipping an inappropriate hand gesture to others.

But, there is another form of flipping which is becoming popular in northern Bullitt County.

Hillview police chief Glenn Caple called it “flipping.”

Simply put, it is where a group of people walks down the streets flipping the door handles of vehicles.

If the door is unlocked, they will get inside and take whatever they can grave. If it is locked, they move on to the next vehicle.

While the city responds to a number of vehicle break-ins, many are simply because the owners don’t lock the cars or trucks.

During the “flipping” incidents, Caple said there isn’t normally any damage done and the episodes only last a matter of minutes.

It is currently happening in all areas of the city.

“Lock your vehicles,” Caple said is the best advice. “If they come upon a locked vehicle, they move on.”

Mayor Jim Eadens said the city was authorized overtime hours the previous week with the sole purchase of solving the “flipping” issue. If anyone sees anything suspicious, they should call Central Dispatch.

With over 3,000 homes and three officers typically on duty per shift, Eadens said it is hard to catch everything. He recently went out on duty with officers and was surprised to see so many juveniles out.

In several situations, the police took the juveniles home to their parents.

At the request of several officers, Caple said he is examining the current curfew ordinance. He asked councilmembers to look at the existing ordinance and determine if any changes are needed.

For example, the curfew on a school night is midnight, which Caple said might be a bit late for juveniles.