Hillview budget will allow some pay hikes for city employees

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By Thomas Barr

 HILLVIEW - While some governmental agencies are struggling to pay the bills, Hillview city officials will be looking at a financially sound budget heading into the next fiscal year.

Hillview City Council members listened to both an amended budget for 2011-12 and a proposed budget for 2012-13.

In the coming year, the city expects to spend $2.4 million with another $155,473 set to carryover in the general fund.

The revenue includes $1.25 million from the occupational tax and another $250,000 from its share of the insurance premium tax.

The biggest expense for the city will be its police department, which will be appropriated $1.25 million in the next fiscal year.

Mayor Jim Eadens said the budget projects a 50 cent per hour pay increase, the first in three years.

Also, he said the budget includes the hiring of an additional police officer.

That could allow the city to again be part of the countywide drug task force, which is now under the operation of the sheriff’s office.

On Monday, the council also approved the lease of two more police cars at a total cost of over $44,000. The city council gave approval to borrow the money from Park Federal Community Bank.

Eadens said he isn’t sure what revenue the city will receive from the insurance tax. The city decided earlier this year to begin taking 2.5 percent of the 5 percent premium collected by the county. Hillview was the last city to take a portion of the insurance premium tax. In the past, the city would receive at least $100,000 from the county.

The city council will make any changes and approve the budget at its June 18 meeting.