Hillview hopes state program prescription will lower prices

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By The Staff

HILLVIEW -- One of the biggest problems in the United States is the rising cost of health care.

Hillview mayor Jim Eadens hopes his city could be a leader in the county in alerting the public to know there are ways to receive free and reduced medical prescriptions.

Through the Kentucky Prescription Assistance Program, communities in the state have an opportunity to provide a service for their residents.

Eadens said an official recently spoke at a regular meeting of the mayors in Bullitt County. Upon hearing about the program, the mayor said he knew it was something Hillview needed to get involved with.

There is really no additional cost for the city and volunteers would use space in the city hall to provide a place for those eligible for free and reduce medication to visit.

The volunteers would assist participants place information into a computer system, according to the mayor.

The program essentially helps residents find pharmaceutical companies who have prescription assistance programs. With the 90-day supplies, it would also reduce the workload for primary care providers who spend a lot of time prescribing and renewing prescriptions.

While not knowing all the details of the program, Eadens said there are certain things the residents must provide to ensure there is no improper medication being sent out.

The state will send the software for the computer program and will train local volunteers.

The city would provide a place for the program and would assist in getting the word out to the community.

Eadens could envision the city hall be the place to go for residents in northern Bullitt County north of Bells Mill Road.

Many people don’t understand there are programs to help them acquire medication at a lower cost, said Eadens. And many are having to make choices as to whether they buy food or buy medication.

Councilman Harry Cooper said it sounded great for the people. He was sure there were people in the county who couldn’t afford all the medication they need.

Councilmember JoAnn Wick offered to volunteer her services with the program.

The mayor wanted to get the program started as quickly as possible.

For several years, the county has been part of a program to allow any resident to pick up an insurance card that provides reduction in some prescriptions. Those cards are available at the county judge’s office in Shepherdsville.