Hillview to limit public access to dumpsters due to outside junk

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Dumpster for use by Hillview residents to be open one day a month

By Thomas Barr

 HILLVIEW — Residents throughout the county have probably seen people driving around the night that garbage is set out for the next day’s pickup by haulers.

Most don’t really care if the cruising pickup trucks and trailers root through their junk and trash.

Unfortunately, all the things picked out by the collectors aren’t salvaged and they find their way back to dumpsters.

In the city of Hillview, mayor Jim Eadens said the dumpster collection at the public works garage is over $30,000 annually.

While many people may not realize it, the dumpster is accessible at most times Monday through Friday. And, then, on the first Saturday of the month, it is also open to city residents.

The problem is that some Hillview pickers are going not only in their own city but to other subdivisions to look for hidden jewels.

And, then, whatever is left, they bring to the Hillview dumpster.

Works foreman Jim Bohannon said that those dumping are required to sign a log and show proof of residency. Most of the people are regulars.

But, recently, he said the city refused to accept junk from an individual they knew was bringing things from outside the city to dump.

And when the cost to dump a single pickup load at the landfill in Jefferson County is $85, Hillview offers a very attractive alternative.

Eadens said he feels there is also a lot of people offering to get rid of junk — at a cost — who don’t live in the city. 

If a property owner is cleaning up a nuisance complaint, Bohannon said it wouldn’t be a problem to open the dumpster during the week. However, the manpower could be used elsewhere on other projects.

Councilman David Conn said it appears there needs to be some guidelines.

Eadens recommended allowing the dumpsters to be open to the public each month and then on the two cleanup days, when extra dumpsters are supplied by Waste Management.

Effective July 1, the city public works dumpster will only be open on the monthly Saturday dates and the two clean up days.

Councilmember JoAnn Wick recommended putting a sign at the works department to alert residents that Waste Management will pick up a large item with normal pickup if they call in advance.

With that service provided by Waste Management, Eadens said he didn’t see the change as a major hardship to residents.