Hillview may look at full-time mayor in ‘14 election

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By Thomas Barr

 HILLVIEW – Many municipalities have formally gone to having full-time mayors.

Others have part-time mayors who work full-time hours.

For the city of Hillview, councilman Randall Hill believes it is time that full-time compensation is needed for someone to actually be allowed to be in the office 40 hours a week.

Hill brought up the topic at the March meeting.

“It’s time,” said Hill. “The city is growing.”

And current mayor Jim Eadens didn’t disagree.

While not concerned about any particular issue or any specific department, Hill said he felt the city’s size was growing to the point that someone needed to be in the office who could deliver answers when needed.

And he felt there needed to be more direction given toward the day-to-day operations.

“It would give a person the time needed to put into the job,” said Hill.

There is time to make the change as the next mayor’s seat would not be selected until the 2014 general election.

“This gives people some time to think whether they might want to run for the job,” said Hill.

Eadens, who earns $9,600 annually, said there is definitely need for a full-time position but that would be the council’s decision.

If the job becomes full-time, Eadens said he might have some interest.

“This job has needed to be full-time for a long time,” said Eadens.

While Eadens compliments his staff, the mayor said it would be better to have someone in the office if questions or issues arise.

Working around his regular job, Eadens said it is still a full-time position.

If he was there all the time, Eadens said he would be able to participate in more daytime events around the county, such as fiscal court.

“Our town has grown and there is a lot of responsibility,” said Eadens. “But the council has to do it because it is best for the city, not Jim Eadens.”

Both Eadens and Hill thought making it a full-time office might bring out more candidates for the office.

“No matter the pay, it is still a tough office,” said Eadens. “It could open the door for more candidates.”

Any decision must be made prior to next filing deadline. The city council recently voted to go non-partisan for its local races.

Mount Washington and Shepherdsville have full-time paid mayor positions.