Hillview OKs more teeth in curfew

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By Thomas Barr

 HILLVIEW - It’s an ordinance that has been in place for years.

But by the looks of all the media attention, it’s breaking news.

Still, Hillview city officials are hoping that the new publicity about its curfew ordinance might result in a little less vandalism and thefts committed by youngsters in its community.

On Monday, the Hillview City Council unanimously approved a revised curfew ordinance. The main change is that the effective hours for those under the age of 18 would be at 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and at midnight on Friday and Saturday.

Councilmembers had no discussion during the second reading. But a resident spoke in hopes that the curfew does work.

Stephanie Hurst, who lives on Majestic Boulevard, said youth use her yard as a short cut from Hillview Boulevard.

Her husband has had over $7,000 in tools stolen, as well as numerous other items.

She is looking for the city to put up some type of fence to stop kids who probably don’t live in the community.

Hurst offered to put up the fencing if the city could help with some dirt and a way to drain the property.

Mayor Jim Eadens said city attorney Mark Edison would have to research easements to determine if a fence could be installed.

“The curfew is awesome,” said Hurst. “I hope it works.”

Eadens said the curfew is not a cure-all but he hopes it helps.

The council was asked by police officers to consider changes to the ordinance. The city had been experiencing vandalism and theft issues, especially at night when school was not in session.

The new ordinance would move up the curfew hours, which would extend to 6 a.m. each day.

If a minor not meeting certain exemptions, such as traveling to and from work, was picked up by police, officers would have the ability to take them home. Parents would be held liable for any fines or damages resulting from the teen’s violation.

The revised curfew would go into effect next Wednesday upon publication in The Pioneer News. The entire ordinance will be published in that edition.