Hillview remains with Waste Management

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By Stephen Thomas

 HILLVIEW - Waste Management will continue as the company who will manage Hillview’s waste for the next four years.

The Hillview City Council unanimously voted for the company during a special meeting.

Waste Management’s four-year renewal includes a residential cost of $7 per month, a 65-cent decrease from the current cost.

The monthly bill with a garbage container included was set at $8.60. Recycling services are offered for an additional $5.25.

Hillview selected Waste Management’s renewal contract over competitive bids from Industrial Disposal and Rumpke. 

Industrial Development’s bid featured a price of $7.65 per month, or $7.50 with a homestead rate. A second trash container would cost $1.95 per month. Recycling was set at $4.50.

Rumpke supplied a $9.55 monthly residential bid for two years, followed by an increased rate of $9.84 for a second two years. They also included a 15-cent homestead discount.

Rumpke’s price included a 95-gallon container. Recycling was priced at $1.75 per month.

Waste Management’s current contract expires at the end of April. The new four-year contract will begin then.