Hobbs hopes to bring harmony onto fiscal court as magistrate

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By Thomas Barr

 BEECH GROVE -- Roger Hobbs has been involved in the community for many years.

And, he's followed the political scene but never really had the time to devote to running for public office.

After retiring from his second career with TNT Security, Hobbs said he wasn't ready to sit down and watch TV.

"This would make a good time," said Hobbs.

With that in mind, Hobbs has filed to serve as magistrate of the Fourth District. He will run in the Republican primary, where the winner advances to the fall general election.

Hobbs served as a volunteer with the Bullitt County Sheriff's Office for a number of years and was also a game warden at Fort Knox.

He retired after 33 years with General Electric and then went to work with TNT Security.

In following county government, Hobbs said he was concerned that fiscal court members didn't seem to be able to cooperate.

"I didn't like the discord in fiscal court," said Hobbs. "I feel like I can work with anyone."

To solve problems, Hobbs said there is a need for cooperation. He believes he can bring that to the table.

In terms of looking forward to the next four years, Hobbs would like the study to continue on a bridge over the Salt River.

And he said the county was way behind in terms of road improvements.

Don't ask Hobbs if he is a better candidate. But he will tell you his philosophy on how to treat the people.

"I will talk to my people first before I vote on something that will hurt us," said Hobbs, 67.