Hogg wants to change government

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By The Staff

    MOUNT WASHINGTON - Tim Hogg has considered getting into politics for years.

    This spring, the opportunity was right and Hogg threw his name into the hat to be the next magistrate of the Second District.

    Hogg, 41, said there must be change in the way all government operates.

    The Republican contender said the taxpayers are taking shots from all angles.

    “I want to protect the taxpayers,’ said Hogg. “They’re tired of it.”

    He wants to stop wasting money and begin downsizing government.

    A top priority is to push for widening of Highway 44. He said all that’s been done is a lot of talk and it was time for action.

    Another priority is to make sure there is a turn lane onto Armstrong Lane at Highway 44, the scene of many accidents.

    Hogg said to see growth, the county must improve its education system. The number of students attending and completing college must improve, said Hogg.

    Programs are needed to assist the elderly. Hogg said it was sad to read that dozens of elderly residents are on a waiting list to get meals delivered to their homes.

    He added there needed to be more youth-oriented programs, including partnerships with agencies such as the YMCA.

    Hogg said he brings a variety of skills and experience to fiscal court. He served as an electrical contract for 11 years and spent the past 10 years as an emergency room nurse at Norton Audubon Hospital. He also grew up working with the family business.

    He felt he could assist in how the county bids out projects, especially in the area of making sure the best bid is accepted.

    Hogg said the people need a voice in local government and he is a people person who would take their concerns seriously.