Hollywood movie member returns to Bullitt Lick roots

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 SHEPHERDSVILLE - Although Will Greenfield may not be a household name, he has extensive experience in film and television as a production assistant.

And he got his start in Bullitt County Public Schools.

Greenfield was a student in the 1980s at Nichols Elementary School followed by Bullitt Lick Middle School and Bullitt Central High School.

Bullitt Lick teacher Karen Muench invited her former student to speak to her class recently.

“Actually, I’ve known Will since he was in 8th grade back in 1990!” Muench said. “That was my first year at Bullitt Lick and my fifth year of teaching.”

Greenfield discussed how he followed his dreams and how the students should, too. 

“He discussed the importance of a college education and having a game plan,” Muench said. “He talked about how he was the first in his family who went to college and that they could go too.”

Greenfield has worked with celebrities such as Bruce Willis, Sandra Bullock, Mike Epps, and Forest Whitaker along with several others.

“He is in his dream job,” Muench said.  

After graduation, Greenfield attended college at Eastern Kentucky University. He then worked in Lexington for an ABC affiliate before coming to Louisville and working at WLKY and WHAS for four years.

“He got a lucky break and received a production assistant position - unpaid - for the movie Seabiscuit,” Muench said. “He then received a paid internship for the movie Keep Your Distance. He eventually moved to New York and worked for free while living in Harlem.”

Persistence paid off and Greenfield eventually got paying production assistant jobs.

Greenfield left New York in 2005 and moved to New Orleans. Muench said a lot of movies are produced there due to tax breaks.

The year 2005 was monumental in Greenfield’s life. He moved and got married then lost everything he owned due to Hurricane Katrina.

“Yet, he persevered and went on to get paying jobs in the movie industry, where he is currently a production manager and moving towards producing,” Muench said.

She and Greenfield had a chance meeting recently at the Louisville International Airport.

“He walked up to me and asked if I was Karen Muench, and I told him yes,” she explained. “He said he had been trying to get in touch with me to thank me for motivating him and getting him to read. He said I was one of the key elements in his success. He then said he would like to help my son, Johnny - who is 17 almost 18 - get into the movie business.”

“Johnny did an internship with him this past summer,” she continued. “So, we’ve reconnected after all these years, and for the past two years, we see each other when he’s in town and when we go out to visit him in New Orleans.”

Greenfield is currently production supervisor of the 2012 release Freelancers. He has also been working as production coordinator for I Setup and assistant production coordinator for Straw Dogs in 2011.

His other credits include 2011’s TV series Wild Card (production coordinator for one episode), 2010’s Trust, Cool Dog and Vampires Suck (production coordinator on each), 2009 Leaves of Grass (assistant production coordinator), 2008’s Soul Men, Major Movie Star, Disaster Movie and Smart People (all assistant production coordinator), and the TV movie Queen Sized (assistant production coordinator), 2007’s I The Mist (production secretary) and I Premonition (assistant: Ms. Fortunato), 2006’s TV movie The Initiation of Sarah (assistant to the producer), the TV movie Scarlett (office production assistant) and Slippery Slope (production assistant), 2005’s TV movie Vampire Bats (production assistant), Before It Had a Name (production assistant), Elizabethtown (additional set production assistant: Kentucky - uncredited), Keep Your Distance (office production assistant, set production assistant) and How You Look to Me (additional production assistant).