Hornback to be thanked for looking at big picture

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Our Views

  Seldom do you have an opportunity to praise elected officials.

Part of that is that it is easier to criticize. The other part is that we take for granted the work that they do on a daily basis.

In the world of “I’ll get all I can for the homes first and worry about the others later,” we are very impressed with the efforts made recently by state Sen. Paul Hornback.

Yes, Hornback secured over $11 million in road projects for his home county of Shelby during the recent general assembly. And he helped secure another $10 million for Spencer County, another in his district.

But he worked with others, including state Rep. Linda Belcher, who represented the most number of Bullitt Countians in the House, to secure over $62 million in projects.

For years, Bullitt Countians have cried that they are not receiving their fair share of dollars returning from Frankfort.

Instead of worrying about the ramifications, Hornback held true to his word to his local contacts and to Belcher that he would remain firmly in support of the road plan.

Due to a few political squabbles between the men who ran against each other for governor, a special week-long session was needed to tie up the loose ends.

For Hornback, there was no reason to be devoted to the people of Bullitt County. When another redistricting plan is released early in 2013, Hornback will most likely not be the county’s senator.

What must his hometown Shelby County supporters be thinking when their road projects dropped by over $32 million?

In Bullitt County, we call that a statesman.

This working together attitude is needed across the county, the state and the nation. Hornback could take some political heat for doing the right thing.

But doing the right thing should be what serving the public is all about.

Thanks to Hornback for his service to Bullitt County. We know he will be a continued supporter of Bullitt County projects well after redistricting is Constitutionally completed.






When candidates running for office come to your door, it appears one line won’t be used.

“I will work to get Highway 44 fixed.”

If you listened to state Sen. Paul Hornback and state Rep. Linda Belcher, the future of widening the busy east-west connector is bleak, at best.

The biggest concern on the project is the right-of-way acquisitions. Over the years, many homes and businesses have been built close to the road and acquiring the property is costly.

While we don’t know if there is any validity in the comment, years ago, it was stated that the state didn’t want to try a condemnation suit in Bullitt County because of the high awards given by juries.

So what happens if the only improvements along Highway 44 are the three intersection projects?

You look for alternate routes.

Belcher said that the GoBullitt.com study conducted for KIPDA had several alternate routes. These alternate routes include a bridge over Salt River to connect Highway 44 and Cedar Grove Road.

With the price tag for improving and widening all of Highway 44 much too high, the county should look at alternative routes. 

It will just be strange during the next election cycle for the topic of Highway 44 to be a much less important issue. Of course, until something else is done, you can keep pushing for the improvements. We just believe that is effort that shouldn’t be wasted.