HOSPITALITY - Everyone’s responsibility

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Free training emphasizes good habits

By Thomas Barr

 SHEPHERDSVILLE – It was a two-hour workshop filled with lots of questions.

And seminar host Jeff Crowe was looking at how the audience answered.

The Shepherdsville-Bullitt County Tourist and Convention Commission hosted a hospitality seminar to anyone who had employees that dealt with the public.

About 100 individuals attended the first-time event.

As director of an eastern Kentucky consortium of counties, Crowe travels the state and the country talking about tourism. His emphasis in Bullitt County was to talk about how to treat customers.

“Everyone is your customer,” he told the group. “I mean everyone.”

He was pleased to see several participants wearing apparel promoting their particular business.

“You have to be proud of what you do,” said Crowe. “Love where you are at.”

In a situation where many visitors are in the community, he said that first impression is so important.

The worst thing to do when asked a question is to say “I don’t know” or to give information which might not be correct.

In an area like Bullitt County, he said there are plenty of things to do and to see.

When someone stops off the interstate, Crowe said that local employees must have basic information. And, if they don’t know, they need to find someone who does.

He led participants through a number of exercises. And he made some recommendations.

For example, he said everyone should have a list of phone numbers within easy access. Those numbers should include all the attractions, restaurants, banks and shopping places.

Also, employees should be able to give directions to establishments. If they can’t, find someone in the building who can.

“You want to keep the dollars in Bullitt County,” said Crowe. “You need to know your county.”

Knowing how to deal with customers is a key to return visits. More importantly, it will stop some of the negative publicity through word-of-mouth or social networking on a bad experience.

Anyone with questions about hospitality training in Bullitt County should contact the tourist commission at 543-TOUR.