Hunters Hollow council will have work to do in January

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By Stephen Thomas

HUNTERS HOLLOW - The Hunters Hollow City Commission will meet again in January, in a roundabout process sort of way.

Council member Ronnie Parker was sworn in by city attorney Mark Edison during the council’s December meeting.

Parker was the only Hunters Hollow candidate on the November 2008 ballot, receiving 70 votes.

Edison said write-in votes for other candidates, including current council members, were not included in final totals because the city did not pay a $50 fee to the county clerk’s office.

Therefore, as the lone elected council member, Parker is allowed to nominate a second member. He will then legally vote to approve the nomination.

Once a second member is sworn in, the two may nominate a third council member and vote for approval. The process may continue until all four council seats are filled.

Current Hunters Hollow council members include Ronnie Parker, Ronni Grigsby, Anthony Parker and Henry Tindle, along with mayor Linda Parker.

In other business:

*Council members agreed to accept Option 1 of an interlocal storm water agreement plan with the county.

Option 1 allows the county to absorb liabilities but also to hire engineers for any projects.

*Mayor Parker announced that Insight Cable rates would change throughout the city beginning in 2009.

Classic plan cable rates would increase by $3. Basic rates would remain the same.

*The council congratulated Linda Parker for her 20 years of service as Hunters Hollow mayor.

*The next meeting of the Hunters Hollow City Council takes place Tuesday, Jan. 20, 7 p.m., in the Jewish Hospital Medical Center South meeting room.

The public is invited to attend.