Hunters Hollow joins mission to eliminate drug abuse

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By Stephen Thomas

 HUNTERS HOLLOW - As city attorney Mark Edison presented a joint resolution on a Bullitt County steering committee to combat substance abuse, Hunters Hollow mayor Linda Parker shared her insight.

Parker, along with Hunters Hollow commissioners Bonnie Israel and Ronnie Parker, attended a recent meeting hosted by the city of Hillview in reference to drug enforcement strategies and techniques.

The mayor offered a report of the event during the July city commission meeting, saying she was impressed with the many guests speakers from Operation UNITE and Bullitt County Partners in Prevention.

“I wish there has been more people there,” she said. “Some of the warning signs... I just would not have had a clue about.”

Parker was especially impressed with PIP volunteer chairperson Thrissie Dohn, a former methamphetamine addict now five years sober.

“She was very dynamic and she didn’t hold back anything,” said Parker. “If people listen to her they won’t do a lot of those things.”

Parker was surprised to hear that home medicine cabinets were a hot spot for drug abusers to raid either for something to take or sell. She was also shocked to learn that some children as young as 8 or 9 years of age are handling pills.

“I hate to see what it’s gonna be like for the next generation if we don’t do something,” she said.

“It’s the Internet,” said Israel. “You can learn what to do on it. Plus kids learn how to use (the Internet) early on in school.”

“It was very eye-opening,” Parker said of the event. “It was a very informative meeting. I’m glad we’re going to be a part of this committee.”

In other business:

- Parker presented a letter from Insight Communications informing that customers within the city limits would receive some changes in their service over the upcoming weeks.

Parker read a long list of channels currently available to Insight customers that may soon be taken off of the service due to legal issues with other communications companies.

“A lot of channels are due to go off,” Parker warned.

- No one filed for the four seats on the Hunters Hollow City Commission.

- The next Hunters Hollow City Commission meeting takes place on Tuesday, Aug. 21, 7 p.m., at the Jewish Hospital Medical Center South meeting room. The public is invited to attend.