Improved radio communication must occur as soon as possible

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  It is a scary story to hear.

Police officers and firefighters talk about the inability at times to communicate with each other or with central dispatch.

Over the course of the past year, the major complaint has come from those first responders in northern Bullitt County.

It seems that if officers or firefighters are inside buildings, such as schools, radio transmission with the outside world is spotty, at best.

This is disturbing.

More importantly, it could be fatal.

Thanks to some forward thinking individuals in the city of Hillview, there is an opportunity to make things better.

When Verizon inquired about putting a new cellular tower on Hillview’s property near the Brooks Road and Interstate 65 interchange, city officials saw an opportunity.

The company wanted to lease that area for its tower. Obviously, the tower was in a position that it could provide better service coverage for its customers.

The city realized that it might have an opportunity to place equipment which would provide better communications for its emergency services.

While Hillview officials made it work with the company, EMA director Mike Phillips and his crew started to have equipment experts look at the situation.

They were able to see that having a repeater system on the tower would solve many of the communications issues experienced.

Now a grant application has been made to see funds to pay for the equipment.

Provided the grant money comes through, it looks like a very cooperative effort will provide a much safer work environment for the emergency workers in northern Bullitt County.