Indianapolis Zoo: The ocean just north

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What I Did on Summer Vacation by Chuck Gilkey

 The Indianapolis Zoo is just about an hour and half from Northern Bullitt County, and boasts a complete ocean of its own that is sure to thrill children and the young at heart that cannot get to the beach this summer! 

The Oceans Biome is an air conditioned aquarium for hot summer days. The aquarium is home to a group of penguins, including a Rockhopper penguin chick hatched just before Christmas day  . 

Aquarist is growing fast from her initial weight of 72.1 grams and quickly fitting in with the rest of the flock. You can still pick the little gal out by looking for the hot pink band around her wing.

Oceans is also home to a touch shark pool, green and purple eels, cownose rays, moon jellies,  and a variety of fish that call the open seas home. There are a lot of opportunities in Oceans for children to touch and explore.

Inside the aquarium is also underwater viewing of polar bears, California sea lions, harbor seals, gray seals and walruses. The most famous walrus to make his home at the Indy Zoo is Pakak, an orphaned Alaskan walrus which that Fed Ex delivered to the zoo last October.

The most popular residents at the “Indy Ocean” are the seven majestic bottlenose dolphins: Sundance, Kimo, China, Nova, Kaeli, Ripley, and Taz. 

These dolphins can be viewed interacting together from a unique and one-of-a-kind under water air-conditioned dome. 

Included in the price of zoo admission is the Marsh Dolphin Show. 

In the show the dolphins demonstrate their natural abilities, and trainers offer information on these amazing creatures. (Tip: When arriving at the zoo for the day, ask for your FREE ticket to the dolphin show as the tickets are on first come basis). 

The Indy Zoo offers all of the other great things that you might expect to find at the world famous St. Louis Zoo or San Diego Zoo, including animal shows and chats.

New to the Indy Zoo family is a group of orangutans that are affectionately referred to as the newest team in town and Neyah the baby elephant who will be one-year-old this June.

To plan your trip to the Indy Zoo visit IndyZoo.org.


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