Input valuable as work starts to revise land-use projections

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Our Views

 What a wonderful surprise....so many people showed up to talk about the revisions to the comprehensive plan, the consultant had to get out more paper and pens for the participants to use.

A team-building strategy used by many companies was employed last Thursday night.

The over 100 who showed up to talk about the land-use plan were assigned tables. They had to sit with people they may not know.

Their assignment was to list answers to a pair of questions about Bullitt County.

Some of the questions dealt with what people liked about the county. Others dealt with what people didn’t like or had a concern about.

And others got to work on a marketing plan to promote the county.

Many were expecting the opportunity to stand up and speak. This format was a little different, yet still effective.

At the end of the evening, dozens of ideas were thrown out on the table. 

At the April 25 meeting, the items will be crafted together to formulate a vision statement for Bullitt County.

The process to rewrite the comprehensive plan has definitely been interesting. And the work of consultant Kriss Lowry will yield some very good results.

We are proud that so many people took their time to get involved. We would like to see a few more elected officials participate but we are pleased for those who did show up.

This land-use plan will take months to complete. However, we are very pleased with the path the consultant and the public has taken to date.