Investigation should be part of city’s probe into money issues

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Our Views

 As city officials move forward with plans to get outside financial assistance in figuring out how to borrow funds and repay outstanding bills, there is another part of the issue that just won’t go away.

At each of the recent Shepherdsville City Council meetings, fingers have been pointing.

People want to know who or whom may be responsible for the debts reaching over $4 million.

Until that is announced publicly, people will not be satisfied.

While the city officials have taken some of the heat for not keeping up with the financial affairs during their watch as councilmembers, that is probably not enough for many residents.

The city should move forward and ask the state attorney general’s office to come in and look at the situation.

All along, there has never been any mention of money being taken from the city coffers, although a few media reports labeled it as “missing” money.

The consensus is that money was borrowed from one account and moved to another. And the buying continued even though the revenue was drying up.

If there is an investigation, which we feel should happen, it must be done by an outside agency.

The only way for the city to move forward is to find out what actually happened and why it occurred. Until that is determined, there will be no peace in Shepherdsville, no matter the amount of cash in the bank.