Kings Island has lots of amusements for all ages

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Kentuckiana Kroger’s offers tickets to King’s Island and their water park – Soak City – for $27.99. That is two parks for the price of one and makes it the best value in the Cincy area.

Kings Island has more than 41,000 feet of coasters making it a coaster enthusiasts dream come true. The Beast and Diamond Back are the most popular coasters awaiting riders. The Beast is a wooden coaster that sits on 35 acres and goes 65 mph. Riders will want to hang on for sure as the Beast is not just a legend, it is a completely wild ride. The Diamond Back leaves riders’ hearts racing as those they have been bit by a real Diamond Back Snake as it goes up steep turns, twists and drops going more than 80 mph. It is easy to see how this coaster got its name. Other coasters include the Racer, Flight of Fear, Invertigo (you’ll feel just what it sounds like!), the Vortex, the Firehawk, and Flight Deck.

Other thrill rides include the Xtreme Skyflyer, Slingshot, and Windseeker.

Kings Island offers more for thrill seekers than the average amusement park.

For the kiddos, Planet Snoopy with the Charlie Brown and the Peanut Gang awaits. Linus’ Beetle Bug is a mini-version of the scrambler. Riders can help Snoopy take on the Red Barron as they take to a red plane and fly the Snoopy vs. Red Barron. Snoopy always wins! Race for Your Life Charlie Brown is a great family log flume ride that will leave all riders super soaked, and might even let mom and dad re-live the days of the movie “Race for Your Life Charlie Brown.” Planet Snoopy also offers mini-coasters, carousels, and other kid-friendly rides. The entire Peanut Gang is on hand most of the day to pose for pictures and even play with the little ones.

After a day in the sun at Kings Island, the whole family will be ready to head next door to the water park – Soak City. Soak City’s most popular feature is Tidal Wave Bay and the many water slides. There are specially designated pool areas, slides and even a miniature “Tidal Wave Bay” called Breakers Bay for those five and under. With plenty of shade and lounge chairs, this is the place to be.