Kinsey shows how Kentuckians uncover secrets

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 BROOKS - Jean Thompson Kinsey shows how Kentuckians can uncover secrets and be captivated with suspense.

The local author released her fictional trilogy series, focusing on the first book, Secrets of Willow Shade, set in Logan County in 1977.

Kinsey, 73, is a late bloomer to to published writing, but has 13 stories published in the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” collections. He first novel, The Light Keeper’s Daughter, was a finalist for the Grace Award.

“I started late in life,” she said. “My husband died in 2005, and I just got a little lonesome.”

Kinsey was born in Logan County, spending most of her summers there visiting with her grandmother.

The trilogy was based in Logan County and includes secrets involving hidden treasures and Jesse James. Kinsey noted that James’ parents were from Logan County.

In the first story, Secrets of Willow Shade, lead character Maddy Kennedy finds evidence that she could be a James family descendant, and possibly heir to a large inheritance, one that another descendant would kill to collect.

The series winds its way from 1977 to 1985 in the follow-up works, Shadows in the Shade, and culminating in Murder at Willow Shade.

“It was a time when farms were having a rough time and many other businesses were trying to buy them up,” Kinsey said.

The original story easily turned into a series for Kinsey.

“I just got started,” she said. “I needed three books in two years. I couldn’t get everything into just one book.”

Despite her knowledge of Logan County and the James family history, Kinsey reminded that the stories are fiction pieces based on basic facts.

Kinsey will offer free certificates on Amazon during the book signing. Each patron will receive a certificate to download Secrets of WIllow Shade for free.

Kinsey will be joined by local author Becky Kelley, who is promoting her new book, Wine-ing Your Way Across Kentucky, about state wineries, and her children’s work, “A Tale of Christmas.”

The signing will take place at Small Town Gallery on Coral Ridge Road, sponsored by the Bullitt County Arts Council. The event is scheduled from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information call 955-9255 or visit the BCAC Facebook page.