Kudos to the Kids

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 As in anything we have positives and negatives and even a half-filled glass of water can be referred to as half-full or half-empty. I prefer half-full. I am proud to call Bullitt County my birthplace and home. We are not without challenges to improve our county and solve more than our share of problems that lay before us. 

One of my quotes is when I trod the pathway of life I fined a fence across my path. God has always given me the strength to climb the fence or the wisdom of how to build a gate.

I remember in 1974 we celebrated the bicentennial of the founding of Kentucky. We brought all of our citizens together and had fun-filled week of celebration. Clad in clothes of yesteryear our folks from Mount Washington, Shepherdsville, Hillview, Nichols and Lebanon Junction came together hand-in-hand to celebrate and enjoy the 7 days. We built a log cabin, recovered salt water from one of the original salt licks and made salt. We had parades, all kinds of contest, entertainment of all sorts. United with unbridled spirit, it was a success.

Today I feel that I must comment on our young ‘ins. Several years ago our archery team from Eastside Middle School went to Orlando, Fla., for the World Championship and one of our girls took second place. Our students have excelled in many endeavors. Today three of our girls from Bullitt East formed the Mount Washington Main Street Youth Chamber of Preservationist sponsored by The Main Street Committee, guided by Dale Salmon, Carolyn Saunders and Bobby Darnell, they developed a power point presentation and book “Footprints of the Past, Footsteps of the Future,” published by Publishers Printing. They entered in regional competition at U of L after reviewing their work the judges gave them a score high enough for them to go to the State finals in Rupp Arena in March. Our BETA and other clubs are constantly raising money for good causes. 

My congratulations go to our students who like a glass of water half-full are moving forward with unbridled spirit to enhance our image. “What we have done for ourselves along dies with us what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal,” Gen. A. Pike G.M. S.C.

Charles Long