Leaders should know what rules to be followed

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Our Views

 Shepherdsville officials made the morally correct decision recently to make sure stolen storm sewer grates were replaced.

City officials could not take a chance and allow someone to fall into the storm sewer system and be injured or die.

However, the problem is that there is a tendency at times for elected officials throughout the county to be unaware of the laws by which they must follow.

In the case of Shepherdsville, the issue arose a meeting following the decision to purchase the grates, whether the roads receiving work were in the city’s maintenance system.

From an outsider’s point of view, if the roads were ever accepted into the city’s system, they should not have been if they didn’t conform to the development plan.

If they were in existence before the development requirements were approved, then it would be OK. 

The point is simple - instead of making something a federal case after the fact, know the situation in advance. That would make for better decisions and less controversy.