Lean times in future for system as school funds continue to drop

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By Thomas Barr

 SHEPHERDSVILLE — Look for the upcoming fiscal budget for the Bullitt County Public School System to be a lean one.

And while employees will not receive a pay increase, there will be a step increase for those who are eligible.

Denise Smith, the district finance director, presented a $107 million budget for the 2012-13 fiscal year.

Of the funds, 77 percent are absorbed by salaries, a percentage which has lowered over the years.

As required by the state, the district will have a contingency fund exceeding the 2 percent mandate. The district will have $2.2 million in that account, or 2.14 percent.

Smith said some of the concerns include a $1.03 million decrease in state funding for areas such as textbooks, Safe School, ESS, professional development and pre-school services.

There have also been $2.2 million in transportation cuts to the district.

The good part of the proposed budget is that certain things will continue.

Smith said the step increases are good for employees. This amounts to around a 2 percent increase.

As part of the funding plan, the board will also pay for a chess coach and assistant archery coaches.

The money for MAP and other instructional programs will continue to be funded.

There will be two teaching positions added at the technical school.

And five new buses will be funded as part of a rotational replacement plan.

“The next two years will be very difficult years due to funding issues and increased costs,” said Smith.

The board members will receive a revised budget in September.