Learning how to use dollars makes sense

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By Lyndsey Gilpin

 SHEPHERDSVILLE - Bullitt Lick Middle School held its annual “Dollars and Sense” orientation recently, inviting fifth grade classes from Roby and Shepherdsville Elementary to learn budgeting skills while becoming more accustomed to the school. 


Tara Davis, Youth Service Center coordinator at Bullitt Lick and Bernheim Middle, put the event together for both schools.

Students started off with a salary, then walked to various booths around the gymnasium, buying necessities such as furniture and food and paying their taxes. They were also allowed to purchase pets, candy, and toys. 

“As fifth graders, they don’t totally understand it, but it makes them aware.” Davis said. “They usually run out of money pretty quick, then they have to sell things back.”

After they spent their money, students went into the library for a short orientation. Davis added that students were most excited for this segment because they had the chance to ask questions about teachers, classes and what to expect next fall. 

“They’re all really anxious, so this helps them get a feel for the school,” she said. 

Eighth graders worked the booths, helping the younger students budget their money and helping with the math. 

“It teaches them responsibility,” Cortney Wilson, who worked the Contributions and Charity booth, said. “And it teaches us how to handle things and help people.”