Lebanon Junction adjusting to new supplier of water source

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By Mary Barczak

LEBANON JUNCTION--The switch to Louisville Water may not have turned out to be as wonderful as Lebanon Junction originally imagined.

At Tuesday night’s council meeting, the council examined two water bids to examine and computerize the city water system.

City Clerk Susan Crady said pressure has gone down in some areas since the switch, but they do not know why.

Council member Allie Phillips made a motion to accept the bid of $2,850 from Kentucky Engineering PLLC because it was the “cheapest.”

Some other council members seemed concerned that maybe they should take more time to review the bids to make sure what they needed to be done was in there.

City Attorney Mark Edison said the notice was published in the newspaper and the companies would be held accountable to it.

Council member Larry Dangerfield showed concern at the amount of difference between the two bids—almost $15,000.

Phillips said she would withdraw her motion if that was the will of the council.

After a couple extra minutes of discussion, the council voted to approve the motion.


In other business:

-       Kentucky Utilities redrew their contract with the city and suggested the franchise tax be changed to 3 percent. The council decided to ammend the agreement to 2 percent instead. The second reading will be at the next meeting.


-       The council also had second readings of the city and sewer and water budgets. The newest addition this year, to the city budget, was the creation of a recreation category with $4,500 alotted for park maintenance and $15,000 for park expenses and events. Mayor Butch Sweat said the parks committee had been doing a great job and a lot of the members had been paying for items out-of-pocket so if the council was OK with it he’d like to add the appropriation.


Edison informed the council that they did not have an allotment for recreation last year and ended up overspending the first three quarters because of it.


Both budgets were approved with comment.


-       Sweat said they had been working with the same insurance company, Scottsdale, again for the city. He said he would bring back to the council what the officials suggest about their deductibles if it would be cheaper in the long run for the city.


“When we have stuff break, we usually just fix it,” he said. “We don’t have tht many claims.”


The council voted to renew with the company. Sweat said if raising the deductible was only about $500 cheaper they would stay with their original plan.


-       Edison told the council about the new federal mandate about the reflectivity on signs. The council opted to go with the option to have an inspector test their visibility at night. He said there was no grant money available for the replacement which has to be completed by 2015 for speed and stop signs and 2017 for the remaining. Breakaway poles will also have to be installed.


Council member Mark Shumaker Sr. asked what the consquence was if they didn’t comply and Edison said the city could lose its road aid.


Council member Tim Sanders asked if signs could be double stacked and Edison said they could not.


-       During the mayor’s report, Sweat said the basketball court at the park would have to be blacktopped.


-       “It’s getting some pretty big cracks in it now,” he said.


Sweat said the city sealed it about two years ago.


He also suggested the parks committee be in charge of renting out the park for different events. Groups will be required to get a permit for now on. The proposal will be drawn up for the next meeting.


Sweat said they will continue to take donations to build a second arch in the cemetery. So far they have about $8,000.


“The first one looks so good, it’s a shame not to have the second one,” said Phillips.


-During council reports, Sanders said the money box down at the bulk water machine at the city barn was getting jammed again and needed to be fixed.


Dangerfield asked the council consider putting more money into the tanker fund for the fire department. The council earmarked $20,000 originally and agreed to add an additional $20,000. He said Fire Chief Todd Crady has missed out on some prospects because he did not have enough in the account.


The next city council meeting will be July 7 at 7 p.m. at city hall. The public is invited to attend.