Lebanon Junction gets water issue settled; all supply now from LWC

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LEBANON JUNCTION--It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Three months after Lebanon Junction signed an agreement with the Louisville Water Company the cash is still flowing.

At Monday night’s meeting, Mayor Butch Sweat said the city has paid off their water line using some of the funds given to them by LWC.

He said “it’s been a long ordeal” but he’s glad that it’s done.

The city started paying for the line in 1979. It cost about $500,000 said City Clerk Susan Crady.

Council member Tim Sanders asked when will they be cutting off their water supply from Bardstown and tie into Louisville.

Public Works Director Chaz Sullivan said they plan to stop with Bardstown Wednesday and start with the Louisville line Thursday.

He said it will take about a month to flush and drain the old system out, but it shouldn’t affect residents too much as far as pressure.

“We’ll try and do the flushing during the day and try not to open too many hydrants at once,” Sullivan said.


In other business:

-       Sweat said the handrail on the walking bridge is finally complete. Council member Larry Dangerfield told the mayor if he needed any more straight handrails he would be willing to bring some more down.


-       During department reports, Sullivan said they’ve had a lot of problems at their pump stations recently from clogging and had a lot of meters that froze or busted this season.


He also put in a request to replace his ’99 Ford for a 2015 FT50. Sullivan said the trade-in quote was $800. The cost of the car is about $28,000. He said they would be able to attach a plow to the new truck therefore giving the town two plows for snow.


“We have the money to pay for a truck,” Sweat said.


Crady suggested they use money from half the water works fund and half from the occupational fund since Sullivan would be using the truck for both purposes.


The council approved the request.


- New


-Council member Steve Masden said the community center was rented out three times last month.


- New fire chief Todd Crady said he talked to the insurance companies to create an invoice and he’s been working with Susan to send out the bills.


Council member Mark Shumaker Sr. asked him if he got the leak in the roof at the firehouse fixed yet and Crady said he was working on that and also on the electric.


The council agreed to earmark $20,000 in their budget for a tanker for the FD.


-Sweat said the police department did a job job recently recovering some items from a pawn shop that were stolen.


-During council reports, Ozzie Maraman reminded everyone they should start thinking about who they can get to blacktop in the city this summer.


Sweat agreed and said they waited too long last year to get someone to do the work and then they weren’t able to get everything done.


“There is going to be a lot (of spots to fix) this year,” he said.