Lebanon Junction looking to get flow of Louisville water going

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By Mary Barczak

 The process continues for Lebanon Junction residents as they wait to tap into Louisville Water. At Monday night's city council meeting, LJ Mayor Butch Sweat told the council the company is plotting out a section for the new pipe which will allow water to run from LJ to Fort Knox. The crew proposed placing it under Airport Road left onto Church Street and then going through Pipe Street. Sweat said he suggested they stay on Airport Road but laying pipes on the on the far side of the flood wall so it's not also close to the cemetery.

"There's no blueprints on it, we don't know where anything's at down there," he said referring to Pipe Street.

He said the crew will have to obtain more easements before starting the work though.

In other business:

-City attorney Mark Edison asked the council to read through the new open records laws which will require the council to relocate their meeting if there a high volume of attendance and, in addition, individuals have to be able to hear what's being said. Councils also have the option to hold their meetings now via teleconference but there still has to be an option for the public to join in.

-Council member Steve Masden told the council the Old Fashioned Days Committee wanted to separate their checking account from the city's account. He mentioned how he thought the OFD festival went well. Masden also spoke about upcoming council elections. He said he'd like to see some new faces in the mix. "I'd like to see more than six people run," Masden said. He also asked his fellow members to consider a raise for salaries for the mayor and the city council as a possible incentive. “I don't think it's been raised in 12 years," Masden said.

-Other members echoed Masden's feelings about the festival. Council member Allie Phillips said there were a couple of things that could be done differently next year such as roping off the children's play area, but overall she thinks the committee did a good job with the festival. Council member Tim Sanders said he was "pleasantly surprised," with the festival results. Council member Larry Dangerfield

said he thought the lighting for the festival next year could use some improvement. The mayor said the only complaint he received at the festival was from some people concerned about the man who was doing the pony rides going the wrong way on a one-way street. He said he assured them it was OK because the street was closed to thru traffic for the festival. Mark Shumaker Sr. said he heard people were concerned because the location was not very handicap accessible.

-All council members were in attendance.

-There was a first reading on an ordinance to renew the contract with Kentucky Utilities. The renewal happens every 20 years, the mayor said. After the second reading, there will be a chance for other companies to make bids. The city has had a contract with KU since 1994.

-The mayor asked the council to approve moving $40,000 from the city's occupational fund to the general fund for operating expenses because their city tax bills still have not come in yet. "We need to get it in and get some revenue coming in," he said. The money will help pay for expenses such as maintenance of the town and utility bills.

-Sweat told the council said he still waiting to hear back from Bardstown about the water contract.

-The mayor also told the council about some proposed roadwork that needs to be done in town. He said there's about 13 spots on roads which need patching. The estimated cost is about $5,000. Sweat said they will not have to bid out the project because they are going with a company, Mego, that has a state contract. The city will use it's monthly check from the state for the gasoline tax to pay for the undertaking.

He said there are other places that need work, but they will have to wait until after the winter to start on them.

The next meeting will be Nov. 4. The public is invited to attend.