Legislators must hear our collective voice

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Our Views

 With the fine work of our legislators Linda Belcher, Paul Hornback, Jeff Greer, David Floyd and Dwight Butler, Bullitt County has made some strides over the past few years in terms of state-funded projects.

But the needs are not fully met. In fact, Bullitt County has a long way to go.

As the new legislative session begins, we have a new member - Russell Webber - who will represent the 49th House District.

Webber has big shoes to fill. And he will only do so with the input of his constituents.

As the money is very tight in Frankfort, Bullitt Countians need to make their voices be heard.

Whether it is the community college or a road project or funding for the schools, your voice must be heard.

The squeaky wheel does get the oil. Make your voice heard this legislative session. Let our leaders know what you think.