Let the games begin for 2010 political races

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By The Staff

In its wisdom in the 1990s, the state legislature decided that the voters of Kentucky needed a year off every once in a while from the election process.

The legislators wisely decided to make every fourth year an “election free” one.

Of course, the real lovers of the system know that politics never end. And the off year, which falls before the “big” local elections is hardly one void of political maneuvering.

It is during this down time that those who are interested in running, especially for the bigger offices, begin to secure their base and assess their chances.

Seldom, is there a lot of public discussion other than the normal prognosticating by local insiders and media folk.

However, in Bullitt County, the gauntlet has been thrown out there. Let the 2010 political games begin.

Last Tuesday, jailer Danny Fackler addressed fiscal court. Nothing out of the ordinary. But he said those words that he was ready to do it again in 2010.

For Fackler, campaigning 24/7 is his nature. Probably campaigns in his sleep.

A little later in the fiscal court meeting, county attorney Walter Sholar gave one of those speeches that was very campaign like. The chief legal adviser to fiscal court is also an excellent campaigner.

In my 25 years here, you can tell the good campaigners. Those are the ones who may not be blatant but they are out there working the crowd on a daily basis.

In my day, past officials like Nina Mooney and Richard Terry were always good in crowds.

While speeches in fiscal court are not unusual, later in the week there was a bit of new news.

For the first time in local government, a “possible” candidate has formed an exploratory committee to decide whether he should run for county judge/executive.

Depp Rasner, who briefly served as deputy county judge, may run against his former boss in the Republican primary in 2010.

While not giving too much publicity to such exploratory committees (otherwise, every candidate would do the same thing and we’d have a whole year of people having stories written about them thinking about running), it is interesting.

It is also a sign that the 2010 elections -- which will include just about every office in the county minus the circuit judge, circuit clerk and commonwealth attorney -- will be a busy one.

Whether you call it an exploratory committee or just a group of individuals sitting around to determine your chances, now is the time for positioning.

If you believe the rumors, and that’s all they are, the county judge’s race could have a number of candidates from both sides of the aisle.

For the GOP, Rasner appears poised to make a run against incumbent Melanie Roberts. Magistrate Joe Laswell and former Shepherdsville councilwoman Trina Summers have been rumored to be possible contenders.

On the Democratic side, David Strange, magistrate David Walker, former Shepherdsville mayor Joe Sohm and former magistrate Dennis Mitchell have all been on the rumor list.

Of course, all or none of the abovementioned may be interested. And there could be dozens of others that will eventually be on the list of contenders.

I apologize to those who wanted a year off without politics. And just think, the filing deadline is still a year away.

At least is might take our minds off the real problems in the world and in our community.

Happy campaigning. Let the 2010 Political Games begin.