LG&E, Ky. Utilities win honors thanks to schools in Bullitt Co.

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 Kentucky was recently recognized as the distinguished 2011 “state of the year” by the National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project for its state energy education program.  The state’s program partnered with the Louisville Gas and Electric Company and Kentucky Utilities Company Children’s Energy Education Program to help incorporate energy education in eight Bullitt County schools.

Since 2009, the LG&E and KU Children’s Energy Education Program has reached 1,900 teachers in more than 600 schools within 66 Kentucky counties and 80,000 students throughout the service territory. 

These Bullitt County schools are central figures in this effort, enriching students with lessons on energy use and efficiency. 

In Bullitt County, the following schools were participants in the program: Bullitt Lick Middle, Freedom Elementary, Hebron Middle, Maryville Elementary, Mount Washington Middle, Overdale Elementary, Shepherdsville Elementary and Zoneton Middle.

“Without the schools’ active participation, this program would not have impacted such a large number of students,” said Kelly Couch, LG&E and KU Children’s Energy Education Program Manager. 

 The program’s versatility and various elements enable customization to meet each school’s needs. NEED Regional coordinators, who partner with the KU and LG&E Children’s Energy Education Program, support the schools to provide energy efficiency and conservation education that complements Kentucky’s core curriculum. In addition, the program also facilitates professional development workshops for teachers, as well as hands-on kits, equipment and resources for teachers to use in the classrooms.

“We support integrating energy education within the schools because as students develop energy knowledge, they take this information home to share with their families and community. Gaining this knowledge now will help them make wiser decisions about energy use in the future,” said Couch.